Commitment for Your Success

Nepal is a beautiful country with landscapes ranging from flat Terai to mountainous Himalayan regions. Tourism is one of the main industries in Nepal. Tourism helps the country's economy and brings in much-needed foreign currency. Hence, working in the tourism sector you can earn a handsome salary as you can earn tips from foreigners who tip in foreign currency. In this blog post, we discuss reasons to study BHM in Nepal


1. Employment Opportunities

Just because you have completed a bachelor’s degree, your employment in the field of study is not guaranteed. In a poor country like Nepal which depends on remittance to sustain the economy and where many young people dream of going abroad for employment, a well-paying job is a welcome change. By studying hotel management, you can not only secure your future but do so while earning foreign currency. Nepalese currency being weak, naturally increases your income as you earn in foreign currency.


2. Good Salary

The tourism industry serves foreigners. Hence, the income from the products and services of the company is in foreign currency. This directly translates to a good salary for staff as compensation for work in any company depending on the income of the company.


3. Flexible Hours

Because hotels run 24 x 7, the staff also need to be available 24 x 7. To make this possible, the hotel staff works in shifts. The shift work opens doors to flexible working hours. Hence, as a staff in the tourism industry, you have flexible working hours.


4. Training Programs

Be it a chef, barista, or bartender you cannot learn to be one without practice. Hence, training programs are an integral part of BHM programs. If you are someone who enjoys practical work, you can get it during training programs. Hence, BHM may be the right choice for people who enjoy practical work.


5. Comfortable Atmosphere

Because you will be dealing with customers who are out and about to enjoy, the working atmosphere for the staff is enjoyable most of the time. Working in the hospitality industry, you can expect that you will be working in a pleasant atmosphere.